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Numbers 0 to 9 in Cantonese p1


This educational game teaches students to recognize the numbers from 0 to 9 in spoken Cantonese Chinese. Each number is spoken carefully and clearly by a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese to teach you how to recognize these words in normal conversation.Students hear a number spoken, they choose the matching image and then trace the number on the touch screen. Students are encouraged to trace numbers by hearing more of the music as they trace. After six right in a row race mode starts automatically: it asks questions at speed to test the students' memory and comprehension of the numbers just covered, before continuing with new numbers. At the end of the race, students can see how well they have done relative to their other races. The game gradually focuses on any numbers that the student has difficulty recognizing and speeds up as competence is gained.
By contrast to Race Mode, Story Mode slowly introduces new numbers by saying them as the images are shown, allowing students to quietly look, listen and learn.
The game is controlled by on-screen gestures which are simple to demonstrate and easy to use, and the game can be played quietly without voice prompts.
• Teaches recognition and writing of numbers from 0 to 9 in Cantonese• Tracing with coloured Bubble Writing• Race Mode tests memory and comprehension against the clock• Story Mode allows students to look, listen and learn• Slide show mode displays all the images in numerical order• Easy on-screen gestures to control the game• Context-sensitive help